Piling and Foundation Works


Piling works are integral for completing construction projects where a strong foundation is necessary given varying ground conditions. Piles can be either temporary or permanent structures and help to stabilize buildings as well as restrict water from entering a particular area which is useful for underground basements. Not all piles work the same and each type of piles are used to solve particular problems, our engineers can always happy to talk to you about what you need if you are in any doubt.

Civil Assist Australia offers a suite of services in piling and foundation work nationwide as listed below:

Deep Foundations

Retaining Wall & Basement

Retaining wall is required in the condition where there is height difference (higher / lower) between one section and another, which may lead to soil to collapse or eroding. The collapse can happen at any time and as a result, it will cause significant damage to surrounding area. There are different types of retaining wall you can choose from to suit your needs, such as:

Civil Assist Australia has been providing services on piling and foundation works for many years and our expert will be able to give you advice according to your needs and budget.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for free quotes and more information about our services as we are very happy to assist you.

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CFA Piling Rig


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