Dewatering – Complete Ground Water Management

Groundwater control has been a core specialist service offered for over 40 years. We manufacture our own water pumps and specialise in the design and installation of dewatering solutions to suit various groundwater conditions and site characteristics. Depending on your specific requirements, we can offer you four dewatering options:

  • Wellpoint Spear Dewatering for sandy soil conditions
  • Deep Bore Well Dewatering for deep excavations in confined areas
  • Sump Pump Dewatering for clay and rock soil conditions
  • Caisson Construction where dewatering has been determined to impact too greatly on the surrounding environment
  • Construction Water for site dust suppression. Complete turnkey setup with drilling, supply and installation of bores and overhead standpipes. Numerous pump configurations and water storage capacities.

Video: Civil Assist Australia dewatering pumps in the construction of Perth Stadium

Wellpoint spears are generally used to draw out groundwater in sandy soil conditions while sump pumps are usually employed instead of spears if the ground conditions contain significant clay or rock content due to the difference in permeability. The rate at which spears draw out the water is largely dependent on the pumps used and the soil conditions, soils that are fine will have less pores for water to travel between which will decrease the water flow. Alternatively large sand soils will have plenty of pores between each grain and therefore will allow a generous of flow of water which will mean a faster draw-down and higher discharge of water.

Armadale Pump Station DewateringIn conditions with clay, the permeability is drastically lower and so sump pumps are much more reliable at drawing water. Water find it hard to seep through clay and simply sits on top of clay layers, this can produce perched bodies of water despite there being dry sand underneath the clay layers. To deal with this issue, sump pumps or open pumps are normally utilised to suck the water and discharge it elsewhere. Sump pumps are generally used for bodies of water and are simple and easy to use. Sump pumps or open pumps can be hired from Civil Assist Australia at competitive rates for any duration of time.

Dewatering, Neerim Road Carnegie, VIC

When we quote a job, we visit the site to examine ground conditions, test the soil for dewatering requirements and review safety aspects. As part of every project, we supply all dewatering equipment such as pumps and automated treatment plants, construct lined settlement dams, and if required, provide our own excavators and loaders. We follow a strict program schedule to ensure that your site is dewatered in time for the commencement of the next project phase.

All of our pumps and treatment plants are serviced and maintained by our dedicated service team.