On-site Environmental Services

The government has put in place rules and regulations to ensure that dewatering effluent is suitably filtered and treated for pH levels before being injected back into the ground, sewer or storm water. There are also regulations on the amount of metals and nutrients that are allowable and we can help remove them so that they are at levels that are permissible.

To help you comply with government rules and regulations, we offer a range of onsite environmental management services for dewatering jobs. These include:

  • Preparation of dewatering management plans
  • Licence applications, including sampling and treatment plans
  • Reinjection of dewatering effluent into the aquifer
  • Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) treatment (soil mixing and re-mediation)
  • Manufacture and supply of fully automated treatment plants for correction of Ph, TTA and EC levels in dewatering effluent
  • Removal of iron and heavy metals from contaminated groundwater
  • Drill rigs for installation of monitoring bores and core sampling for geo-technical reports
  • Onsite field testing and reporting of bore water levels and quality
  • Laboratory testing of water samples
  • Onsite field testing of soil samples
  • Laboratory testing of soil samples
  • Filtering and gravity settlement of dewatering effluent sediments utilising lamella plate technology

In addition to treatment of dewatering effluent, Civil Assist Australia can help your projects minimise onsite footprints and improve treatment flowrates by mobilising settlement units and specially designed water clarifiers, for more information on how they can help you on your project click here.

Once installed, we provide 24/7 monitoring and management of the dewatering effluent.