Safety Policies

Occupational Health & Safety Policy Statement

Our Values

Civil Assist Australia aspires to be a leader in occupational health & safety best practice within the Piling, Dewatering, Micro Tunnelling and Environmental Management industry promoting a positive OH&S culture for the benefit of all Civil Assist Australia employees and stakeholders.

Our Commitment

As a leading provider of Piling, Dewatering, Micro Tunnelling and Environmental Management Services Civil Assist Australia is committed to creating and maintaining an environment where people can work safely. As a leading provider of Piling, Dewatering, Micro Tunnelling and Environmental Management Services, Civil Assist Australia is committed to managing its operations in a way that complies with all relevant OH&S legislation and standards. Civil Assist Australia will provide adequate resources and establish measurable objectives and targets to maintain and continually improve Civil Assist Australia’s OH&S performance.

Our Objectives & Targets

Civil Assist Australia will continuously maintain and improve our Integrated Management System to effectively monitor OH&S risks by:
o Conducting suitable and sufficient assessments of OH&S risks and implementing appropriate risk control measures.
o Providing professional and competent OH&S resources to assist in meeting the company OH&S matters to create a positive culture.
o Providing and maintaining work equipment that is safe and does not create health risks.
o Reporting and investigating all workplace accidents and implementing appropriate corrective and preventive actions.
o Investigate and Report all Accidents and Incidents
o Being audited and certified to AS NZS 4801-2001 and OHSAS 18001.