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We’ve come a long way since we began manufacturing dewatering pumps in 1974 under the name of Groundwater Control. Today, we’re not only recognised as one of Perth’s leading dewatering contractors but we also offer piling & foundations, trenchless technology and environmental management as part of our portfolio of services. Our suite of civil services allow us to offer cost effective civil works packages that enable our clients to have multiple services completed by one contractor. We are trusted by many reputable names in the construction and land development industry, some of whom have been our loyal clients for over 20 years.

Ground Water Control

The Dewatering field is a specialised area in the civil industry, with rigorous demands that require experience, perseverance and astute problem solving – and we always deliver. When there is excessive groundwater on site, we draw away the water so that construction can progress. Our clients appreciate our ability to provide a timely, fuss-free service and know that we’ll deliver their job on-time under any circumstances. Clients continue to deal with us because we are committed to our quoted contract value and hesitate to file for variations unless absolutely necessary. Furthermore, our staff is trained to be as responsive and proactive as possible to ensure the client receives the best possible service.

Dewatering CBD

Dewatering CBD

Environmental Management

Over the years, Environmental Management and sustainable living has been recognised in Australia as a key concern to our future and has come to the forefront of the civil construction industry. Our business moved to meet this challenge and incorporated the use of treatment plants, pH adjustment units and metal removal plants to manage dewatering effluent and as a solution to soil and water contamination. Our treatment plants are made to comply with the industry rules and regulations and Civil Assist Australia maintains its position as a preferred Water Corporation contractor.

Trenchless Technology

In 2012, we added Trenchless Technology to our services in response to our clients’ needs and now provide a coordinated approach for delivering multiple solutions. Trenchless technology is horizontal boring using micro-tunnelling methods so that sewer and drainage pipes can be installed on grade while overcoming obstacles such as roads, trees and fences. At the same time, we changed our name from Groundwater Control to Civil Assist Australia to reflect our new service offerings.

Piling and Foundations

Piling and Foundations is yet another powerful arm of Civil Assist Australia that has been added to the suite of services provided to progress the forward works of those in the construction industry. We have expert piling engineers and supervisors with decades of experience combined to meet the market demand in the piling industry or where moving earth is necessary. As the industry changes and a need for multiple solutions and flexibility grows, Civil Assist Australia will also grow and position itself to meet the demand. We offer multiple services in a single package so that the client is able to do more works with less hassle, improved response times and better communication.

Dewatering for site excavation and secant piling works at One Richardson project

Dewatering for site excavation works at One Richardson project